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The City of Ridgefield provides water and stormwater management services to residents within the Ridgefield city limits.

Other utility services are provided for within the City but are offered through franchise agreements. See links below for other utilities such as gas, electricity, garbage and sewer.

Gas: Northwest Natural Gas
Electricity: Clark Public Utilities
Garbage: Waste Connections
Sewer: Clark Regional Wastewater District

What is Stormwater?

Stormwater is rainfall, snowmelt, or any precipitation, that is not absorbed into the soil. It runs off rooftops, over sidewalks, down street curbs and across parking lots, eventually entering our local streams, creeks, and river.

In cities and towns, impervious surfaces such as roads, sidewalks, and roofs prevent stormwater from naturally soaking into the ground. This runoff then picks up pollutants like oil, gas, fertilizer, and sediment before flowing into storm drains and local streams. Stormwater run-off is highly regulated by the Washington State Department of Ecology through the Clean Water Act. 

In response to the need to protect water quality and reduce the discharge of pollutants to local streams and groundwater, the Ridgefield Stormwater Utility was created to maintain Stormwater facilities and regulate the flow of surface water and stormwater within the city limits. Stormwater Utility codes may be found in Chapter 13.75 of the Ridgefield Municipal Code. To cover the costs of the utility, all parcels within the City of Ridgefield are charged a stormwater service charge, outlined in the Municipal Code.

Ridgefield Stormwater Management Plan

Have questions about stormwater? Email to get in touch with our Ridgefield stormwater team!

Managing Stormwater at Home

Homeowners can help maintain shared stormwater facilities and protect the health of our streams by managing the quality of rainwater that flows off their property.

  • Keep leaves, clippings, bark dust and soil on your property.
  • Reduce fertilizer, herbicides and pesticide use.
  • Plant native or Pacific Northwest-friendly trees and plants; remove invasive plant species.
  • Sweep patios, driveways and other paved areas rather than hose them off. Bag or compost debris, don’t sweep it into the street.
  • Take your vehicle to a commercial car wash that treats and recycles water.
  • Make sure wastewater from washing the exterior of your home or roof is not discharged into the street.
  • Dispose of yard and lawn trimmings properly such as composting, recycling or yard debris pick-up.
  • Install permeable surfaces for sidewalks, patios and driveways.
  • Collect roof runoff in a rain barrel and use for watering plants and garden.

For information about rain gardens, native plants, natural gardening and much more, visit

Catch Basins/Drain Inlets

During the leafy season in the Fall, catch basins can become plugged. The City works hard to ensure the basins are cleared in order to allow stormwater runoff to flow into the catch basins. City Code prohibits placing leaves from private property into the right-of-way, which can contribute to plugged catch basins. Citizens can assist the City by raking leaves and debris away from the catch basins. Stand on the curb or private property side of the catch basin and use a fork or rake to clear leaves, limbs, and debris from the catch basin. Do not attempt to remove the grate, only the debris on top of the grate.

What is a catch basin/drain inlet?
It is a structure that is designed to drain excess rain and ground water from paved streets, parking lots, sidewalks, and roofs.

When are they cleaned?
Catch basins are typically cleaned on a yearly basis. They help prevent street debris from entering the stormwater system, creeks, lakes, and rivers.

Why are they important?
These structures carry excess water away from impervious surfaces (roads, sidewalks, parking lots, etc.) to prevent flooding. Some catch basins may also contain filtering devices that can help improve water quality.

What services does the City provide and who maintains them?
The City’s Operations unplugs clogged public catch basins/drain inlets and repairs any damaged public stormwater structures.

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