Image of a sprinkler with the text overlay 'Budget Billing' and the city logo.

Budget Billing Program Available for Water Utility Accounts

Avoid high summer water bills – Enroll in Budget Billing to have your water bill spread evenly throughout the calendar year.

The Budget Billing program uses your past year billing history to estimate your bill throughout the year and charge an equal payment for each two month cycle. This can help to keep utility costs level throughout the year, rather than surging in the summer months when use is higher.

Here are the details:

– Sign up any time. One year of billing history at current service address required at the time of application.

– Each December, if you have paid for more than you have used, you will receive a credit. If your actual usage is higher, you will be charged for that difference on your December bill.

– Your account must remain in good standing while enrolled in Budget Billing. Any account that is shut off for non-payment will be removed from the program.

– This program is for residential water accounts only.

Submit the Enrollment Form online now:

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